InPronto - Implants & Guidelines


The scanning protocol for Fully Edentulous Single Arch Implant case, involves the following:

I. Patient Scan

  • Separate marked or duplicate denture and opposing arch with cotton rolls on each side of patient’s mouth.
  • Place a tongue blade with plane of occlusion perpendicular to floor under the cotton rolls on one side of the arch.
  • Scan the patient and export the DICOM file and save it under patient DICOM directory.

II. Impression Scan

  • Put denture on chin holder in the same direction that the denture was in the patient's mouth.
  • Scan denture and export DICOM data and save it in a separate folder under Maxillary or Mandibular denture DICOM.
  • Put upper or lower impression on chin holder in same direction that the impression was placed in the patient's mouth.
  • Scan impression and export DICOM data and save it in a separate folder under Maxillary or Mandibular PVS impression DICOM.

III. Bite Registration Scan

  • Place bite registration on chin holder. The bite should’ve been taken in the patient's mouth in centric occlusion just like a conventional crown and bridge bite with denture in place against opposing arch.
  • Scan bite and export DICOM data and save it under Bite PVS impression DICOM.

The steps to place the radiographic markers on the duplicate denture prior to scanning are:

  • Duplicate denture with clear acrylic, place at least eight markers on the duplicated denture or original.
  • Place three radiographic markers on palatal or lingual areas at least 6-8mm below the CEJ of the teeth.
  • Put one marker on each side of buccal flange distal to Canine using gutta purcha material.
  • The holes should be at least 2 to 3mm in diameter and about 1.5 to 2mm deep.
  • Polish surface with a rubber wheel so that the surface of the gutta purcha is smooth.
  • The markers should not be placed in line - they should be tripoded.

Note: Please make sure that you place a ONE INCH FOAM on the Chin holder before scanning in order to separate the bite registration, the Impressions, and the dentures. The foam will act as a separating agent to avoid fusion of the scanned objects with the chin holder.