InPronto - Products and Services

Duplicating Nature with Bioengineered Precision

InPronto, Inc. is a dental device and services company that allows the dentist to outsource the entire implant procedure out of office. The dental professional need only provide InPronto with a few pieces of information regarding the patient. InPronto then fabricates a custom 3D-bioengineered surgical guide, creates a digital model of the patient, and provides the surgeon with a kit containing all the surgical and prosthetic items necessary to complete the treatment. 

InPronto takes the guesswork out of implant dentistry by using proprietary software to create the most advanced and accurate treatment plan for each and every patient.  It’s fast. It’s easy. It's economical. It’s effective.

InPronto also empowers the surgeon with new technologies, like ‘inView’, to increase case acceptance. inView is a proprietary online 3D treatment-plan viewing system specifically designed for patients to play around with. It allows the patient to feel more control and understanding about the case without special software requirements or downloads. inView easily activates patient participation and significantly increases case acceptance "inVIEW".

Our FDA approved products have pioneered the all-digital-solution to address complicated cases and most of the known issues. These include, but are not limited to, complicated fully dentulous cases with with parallelism, spacing of implants, grafting, location of vital anatomical structures, cross-arch alignment, and selection of the right number of implants required for a particular patient.