InPronto - Team Management

InPronto is a dental device and services company that allows the dentist to outsource the entire dental implant procedure out of office. The dental professional need only provide InPronto with a few pieces of information regarding the patient. InPronto then fabricates a custom 3D-bioengineered surgical guide, creates a digital model of the patient, and provides the surgeon with a kit containing all the surgical and prosthetic items necessary to complete the treatment.  InPronto takes the guesswork out of implant dentistry by using proprietary software to create the most advanced and accurate treatment plan for each and every patient.


It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s effective. Join the revolution !

InPronto addresses the pressing concerns of the dental implant market by simplifying implant treatment plan and delivery, making it easier for any dentist - from general practitioners to oral surgeons - to be considerably more profitable, and by providing patients biomechanically sound teeth while maximizing safety, durability, reliability, efficiency and quality.

You wouldn’t build a new house by first digging the foundation, pouring the concrete and then hiring the architect and structural engineer. However, that is how most dental implants are done today. The oral surgeon digs the foundation and installs the implant screw. Then other practitioners figure out how to use this foundation to add the crown or bridge and construct a good interface to the gum tissue.

InPronto has taken the initiative to enhance the art of implants with science-based engineered precision – from the root tip to the cusp tip – duplicating natural teeth.

InPronto has addressed the current fundamental lack of procedural coordination between implant surgery and the prosthetic fabrication and placement which can lead to improper function and inferior results. InPronto offers a holistic solution by treating the tooth as a complete device, from the root tip to the cusp tip as nature intended, thus delivering superior results.


The InPronto System:

  • Takes the guess work out of implant case planning, and increases the accuracy of the design, placement, and fabrication of prosthetics.
  • Eliminates the need for significant capital investments in CAD software and training.
  • Reduces administrative time and coordination, eliminates the need for trial and temporary dentures, and significantly decreases the probability of poor outcomes - all serving to yield more profits with fewer hassles.
  • Case design delivered to the dentist via an easy-to-use web interface providing optimized biomechanics, improved tissue healing and interface, with better aesthetics at lower risk for the patient and practitioner.
  • Delivers a customized comprehensive “inKIT” for each patient which includes all implant components, surgical tools, and prosthetics - everything the dentist needs to install precision tooth devices and significantly simplifying the process.
  • InPronto eliminates more than 50% of the steps currently undertaken with implants procedures, reducing the number of patient visits, the chair time required per appointment and the overall total treatment time. Less time required by the dentist for each implant procedure results in reduced treatment cost per patient and allows for the treatment of a greater number of patients.  This of course is the ultimate win/win scenario for both the dentist and the patient.

Considering that every patient’s treatment has unique requirements, InPronto provides integrated solutions for all dentitions, from single-tooth restorations and replacement to partially- and fully-edentulous solutions.

The proprietary 3-D modeling design software, customized kits, and cutting-edge rapid prototyping.  CNC manufacturing technologies are used in the fabrication of restorative and aesthetic dental implant devices to replace missing teeth, supported by state-of-the-art solutions and equipment based on computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). These ideas and technologies are protected by InPronto's nine patents pending.

InPronto acknowledges the profound importance of education and continuous training for dental professionals and offers implant training programs following the new prescribed criteria for continuing education (CE credits).

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, InPronto is committed to offering the best service and solutions to the dental industry.