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The following guide provides a general idea of the steps necessary for implant planning, placement, and final restoration. Though these steps may change, depending on the case, InPronto always provides optimal results with minimal chair time.

Meet with your dentist

After deciding with your dentist that implants are the best treatment options for you, he or she will need to gather some information in order to successfully plan your particular case. Specifically, they will require x-rays (Cone Beam CT scan), impressions of your bite, and a few intraoral images.

Implant Treatment Plan

InPronto receives your information from the dental professional and constructs a treatment plan that assures safe, optimal implant positioning. Your dental professional will then present our final treatment plan in 3D so that you may review the plan and make any inquiries.

Implant Placement

With the aid of our surgical guide, your implant placement will be quick, safe, and precise. Depending on your particular case, you may even walk home with your final restoration. However, if you require a period of healing, your dental professional will provide you with our healing caps (or screws) to ensure maximum healing and optimal results.


Your dental professional will take an impression of your implant once it has healed. This impression will then be sent to InPronto to fabricate the final restoration.

Final Restoration

On the day of delivery, you will be given your final restoration. Minimal adjustments will be required to achieve a perfect fit as all InPronto components are carefully crafted with the aid of highly sophisticated computer software.

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A smile is one of the first features people notice in others. Unfortunately, one or more missing teeth may have a significant negative impact both on our social lives and our careers. For example, significant negative impacts on self-confidence, speech and communication, and our ability to eat are all too common. Furthermore, without restoration, the gaps formed by missing teeth can create bite problems that may, in time, alter facial structure. At InPronto, we are committed to mitigating these effects with maximum efficiency, safety, and aesthetics - because we care.
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