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How do I start?

The following guide provides you with a general idea of the steps necessary for implant planning, placement, and final restoration. Though steps may change, depending on the case, InPronto always provide optimal results with minimal chair time.

Step 1
Open a free InPronto Account

Creating an InPronto account is simple and free. Click the "Sign Up" button below, fill out the information requested on the page, and click the "Submit" button. You will receive a confirmation email with your login ID and temporary password within 24-hours.

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Submit Case Online

Once the account is created and the profile complete, click on the "Start New Case" button and follow the online wizard to finalize the case submission process.

Generate Cone Bean Scan Rx

Once the case is submitted to InPronto, generate a Cone Bean Scan Rx for the patient. Click on the "Locate Scan Center" link, select a Scan Center, then complete the online form and click the "Save" button. Once the Rx is displayed in the PDF reader, the Scan Center will get an automatic notification, Scan the Patient, and upload the data to InPronto Servers directly.

Impressions, Bite Registration

Inpronto requires PVS Maxillary and Mandibular Impressions along with a Bite Registration to treatment plan the Case. Please do NOT use metal trays for the impressions or Blue Mouse for the Bite Registration as they need to be scanned with the Cone Beam CT scanner.

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Download the Getting Started Flow Chart for further details.