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From the All-on-4 to All-on-6 Bio-engineered Prosthetic & Surgical Solutions.

It is the occlusion, functional jaw movement and the force load vectors functioning like natural teeth, that should determine a treatment plan on implant restorations for the long term success.

Technology is advancing and evolving at a rate that supersedes the Return On Investment (ROI) for most dental professionals. With InPronto you receive the cutting edge technologies without worrying about updates, upgrades, and bulky machinery.

The Bio-engineered Prosthesis utilizing Inpronto's new holistic approach software can become the new standard of care that treats the tooth as s functional unit, from the root tip to the cusp tips. Furthermore,A very important aspect to take into consideration also is that our patented software is an open system that supports all brands of implants and their prosthetic connections.

Bioengineered Surgical Guide

Save time and get accurate results! - Customized design of guide based on patient’s palate and soft tissue. It allows dental professionals to place implants with micron accuracy and without worrying about bone integrity and implant placement. Guide it, don’t fight it.

Treatment Component Kit

Be confident that you have everything you need for the entire procedure! - Implant abutments, surgical tools, healing caps, temporaries, and finalized prosthetic all in one neat little package. One case, one box.

3D Modeling Software

The most advanced imaging software available today! - Custom-tailored, bioengineered intervention! Making use of the most advanced CBCT DICOM management software, InPronto renders the most life-like representation of the patient’s bone, dentition, and soft tissue.

Custom Milled Acrylic & Titanium Products

Improve accuracy and aesthetics! - Our in-house fabricated products are made to 50 microns accuracy to eliminate errors.

CAD / CAM Treatment Planning

Outsource the entire treatment plan! - InPronto uses cutting edge, proprietary computer algorithms and world renowned implant specialists to treatment plan each case in a way that removes 99.5% of surgical errors. It allows implant placement in ideal locations without harming nerves, vessels, or surrounding structures. InPronto eliminates human error.

WEB-based solution Web-Based Solution

Have complete control of the entire treatment plan! - By consolidating all aspects of the case online, you will be able to receive instant feedback from our staff and view all aspects of your case with the click of a mouse.

Implants Placement Precision

Precise, reliable, Cheaper and faster! - By eliminating more than 50% of steps traditionally adopted by dentists and surgeons, InPronto allows you to simplify and streamline your implant treatment process.