Course No.: IPTC2060
Description: Surgical
Days: 2
Start Time: 9:00 AM
End Time: 5:00 PM
Language: English
Location: San Francisco
Audience: Dentists
CE Credits: 14
Course: Schedule
Course fee: $1495.00

Course No.: IPTC2090
Description: Surgical
Days: 1
Start Time: 9:00 AM
End Time: 5:00 PM
Language: English
Location: San Francisco
Audience: Surgeons
CE Credits: 7
Course: Schedule
Course fee: $795.00

A. Courses

How to achieve predictable & optimized CAD / CAM Results.

From the All-on-4 to All-on-6 Bio-engineered Prosthetic & Surgical Solutions.

It is the occlusion, functional jaw movement and the force load vectors functioning like natural teeth, that should determine a treatment plan or implant restorations for the long term success.

Inpronto developed the most advanced patented 3D web based DICOM software where all aspects of surgical and prosthetic CAD/CAM applications are planned and manufactured using a proprietary bioengineered platform. The Bio-engineered Prosthesis utilizing this new holistic approach software can become the new standard of care that treats the tooth as s functional unit, from the root tip to the cusp tips. A very important aspect to take into consideration also is that this patented software is an open system and works with all brands of implants and their prosthetic connections. You will learn how this paradigm shift in implant dentistry can facilitate your treatment planing of truly designing restoratively drive implant cases that simple have a surgical component to them.

These courses provides participants with the clinical and opreational confidence and knowledge to successful;ly leverage guided surgery to efficiently and precisely deliver esthetic implant cases in a minimally invasive manner. A complete overview of the visualized anatomy with CT Scans coupled with advanced computerized planning in the virtual placement of implants in ideal bone, and the fabrication of the bioengineered guided templates will give the clinician confidence in placing and restoring even the most advanced cases.

The following topics will be covered in the courses:

  • Complete overview of the bioenginnering platform.
  • Methodology for dental implant planning and tooth restoration implant kits using the CBCT DICOM data.
  • Data collection and submission steps into a web-based portal and DICOM management service.
  • Comprehensive 3D calibration protocol for CBCT acquisition.
  • Duplicating nature with customized bioengineered surgical and prosthetic CAD/CAM products.
  • A comprehensive discussion on reverse engineering starting with natural teeth to implant-supported prosthetics.
  • Case selection & submission protocols.
  • Complete discussion and biomechanical consideration in the 3D digital treatment planning of the partially edentulous and fully edentulous case based on the inPronto platform.
  • Choosing individualized bioengineered products that make up the surgical and prosthetic kits.
  • Introducing the role of the predictive model in resolving vector forces on the surfaces of teeth, occlusal data, surface contours and the dental implant fixture.
  • A bioengineered analysis of single crowns, titanium frameworks, and different zirconia substructures.
  • Team collaboration – linking the restorative dentist, oral surgeon, radiologist / scan center and the manufacturing facility in a single profile record for the case online.
  • All-on-4 versus all on six biomechanical presentation & hands-on training.

What makes these courses distinctive is the fact that the program instructor will personally guide you through your cases to simplify any concern. Furthermore, additional help can be provided to help you plan your cases with full support on NobelGuide™ planning and treatment system, ensuring your valuable time is fully utilized. InPronto, Inc. provides full service from design to the fabrication of surgical templates and prosthetics needed to treat your patients in a timely and precise manner taking the hassle out of component selection, impressions, multiple appointments, and final production of the prosthetic restorations. Mobile CT scanning services are also available.

B. Chair Side Training

By popular demand, InPronto, Inc. created a new program called "Chair Side Training" that is specifically designed for the dentist who wants to expand their surgical experience and stay current with the latest dental implant techniques. One of our staff Surgeons or Prosthodontics will come to your office at the time of the surgery allowing to proviode mentorship and guidance on the latest techniques and address all your questions and issues. All Surgeries are performed by participants, allowing for focused hands-on training. In-depth personalized discussion to analyze each clinical indication and address all issues surrounding the treatment planning, the surgical techniques, and delivery of final esthetic prosthetics.

InPronto Offers two options to chosse from:

Option-I: An InPronto Staff Surgeon or Prosthodontist will come to your office for half a day.

Option-II: An InPronto Staff Surgeon or Prosthodontist will come to your office for a full day.

- Registration: Phone / email ONLY minimum two weeks advance notice to ensure availability of doctors.

- Payment: Receipt in full for confirmation of attendance at your location.

- Refunds: No refunds will be issued for cancellations once confirmation is issued.

Course No.IPTC2060IPTC2090IPTC3100IPTC3150
Credits14 CE Credits7 CE CreditsNoneNone
Duration2 days1 day1 day1/2 day
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For further information or questions about courses or chair side options, please contact InPronto.
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